First Day of Spring ~ Brand launch & activation with maximum impact

First Day of Spring ~ Brand launch & activation with maximum impact


Welcome to First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring is a creative marketing agency built to energize and invigorate.
We specialize in launching new brands and activating mature ones.

Win the few to win the many

Our unique approach centers on first connecting with influential audiences who can amplify your brand to a broader group of consumers.

Digital & Experiential

We develop creative ideas that live in the digital and physical world. Our sweet spot: where digital marketing meets extraordinary experiences.

As partner of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) we specialize in activating brands in the electronic music domain.


Unique approach



We love pushing forward, changing the status quo and being in the frontline of innovation.


Impact driven

We want to make a difference – a lasting impact on your brand awareness, image and sales.



We co-create to make sure our campaigns are relevant, authentic and highly effective.



Our unique approach centres on first connecting with influential audiences for maximum impact.

Global network

We are based in Amsterdam and operate globally on a network basis. Last year we completed projects in London, Milan, Rome and Shanghai.



We deliver modern day marketing for smart brands.

Insights & Impact

Consumer & market research
 Brand & marketing strategy
Digital & content strategy

Content creation

 Digital platforms & experiences
Live events & experiences
 Digital & social campaigns

Content distribution

Media strategy
Product & message seeding
Influencer amplification

Our Clients


We love to get to know you and your brand.

Let's talk

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