First day of Spring
April 3

Spring Sessions – 5 amazing nights

We really hope that you were able to make it last week to one of our special nights to celebrate our 5th anniversary. If you did; we hope you had a beer and a great time. If you didn’t; read all about it below.

Our Spring Sessions were not just a birthday bash, but also an expression of what we believe in. As you might already know, we use our background and experience in and love for entertainment as our biggest source of inspiration for marketing and advertising. There is no doubt that communication should move, affect, impress and strike people to get results. We believe that entertainment adds the necessary value to communication in order to generate impact. 

Following this spirit, we celebrated our 5th anniversary First Day of Spring style with Spring Sessions. 5 nights, 5 totally different acts, 5 amazing concerts with a totally unique vibe and an open office. This open culture fits our way of working. Always curious, looking for chances to collaborate and in search of inspiration. By literally opening our office to everyone, we wanted to share amazing moments with a lot of enthusiastic people. 

So this is how we experienced last week: 

Day 1

SpaceAgePoetry kicked off our Spring Sessions, taking poetry x electronic music to a whole new level. A mysterious mix of chillrave + slowtechno by Space Kadett and poetry by Justin Samgar.  

Day 2

On Tuesday, the office was filled with beanbags and candles, creating the perfect setting to float away on some classical tunes. We loved the unique performance of Canto Ostinato on harp by Gwyneth Wentink. 

Day 3

Catchy pop songs and deep electronic vibes soundtracked our Wednesday The electronic music duo CUT_ surprised everyone with their awesomely energetic performance

Day 4

The 12-piece brass band Gallowstreet blew off the roof during the fourth night of the Spring Sessions, playing their famous mix of house, trap and hip-hop.

Day 5

On closing night of the Spring Sessions, the guys of Jungle by Night came to our HQ. We couldn't wish for a better way to complete our anniversary: an office filled with an enthusiastic crowd and irresistible music!