First day of Spring

We connect brands with popular culture.

In collaboration with world-class talent in music, art, fashion and cinema.

To create long term relationships with new global audiences.

It all started with underground electronic music. A love for its pioneering spirit and cutting edge emotional power.

The experience of developing several iconic electronic music brands organically grew into an award-winning global agency that develops totally new forms of brand communication.

Over the years we delivered highly successful branded entertainment franchises, documentaries, festivals, public art projects, music releases, capsule collections, a modern revamp of Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, a Michelin star pop-up risotto restaurant, museums raves and a marketing conference dedicated to partnerships between brands and the electronic music industry.



Brand strategy
Communication strategy
Digital strategy
Social strategy
Media strategy


Integrated campaigns
Digital activations
Live experiences
Branded content
Platform development


Content distribution
Media partnerships
Influencer collaborations
Plugging & seeding
Measurement & analytics