First day of Spring

This is our house

Brand marketing campaign celebrating the values of house music culture.

Bring to life the brand’s purpose to spread inclusivity, equality and freedom of expression.

“You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew or Gentile… It don’t make a difference in our house.”

Back in 1987 Chuck Roberts expressed the values of equality and tolerance in house music culture with his classic vocal track ‘My House’. A message that is now more relevant than ever. 30 years later, we wanted to remind people of these values in current-day nightlife. So, we connected Absolut to a team of 17 cutting-edge nightlife icons to welcome dance enthusiasts from all over the world to the Amsterdam Dance Event with a purposeful statement: On the dancefloor, everyone is equal.


17 nightlife icons that strive for equality and inclusivity in current-day nightlife.

Chuck Roberts; Chicago house pioneer and evangelist.

Amsterdam Dance Event invited Absolut and Chuck to host the opening of ADE.


The 17 nightlife icons contributed to a fresh new music video that reinterpreted the song and its classic lyric; distributed online and in arthouse cinemas.

Backstories about the icons in key lifestyle media.

Digital out of home campaign.

Chuck Roberts opened ADE performing his historical lyrics in front of all key people from music and lifestyle industry (chasing him for an autograph); a memory for life for everyone with a love for house music.


Earned reach of 9 mio views with 47 media placements; including Chuck in the national news on the day of ADE’s opening.

5 mio YouTube views with click-through rate 2x Google’s benchmark.

39.1% volume uplift during the campaign period.

The campaign won a Eurobest award.