First day of Spring

Rave below Rembrandt’s masterpieces

Groundbreaking stage for modern-day composers.


We love cutting edge electronic music. Its pioneering spirit has been in our agency’s genes since its inception. And we strongly believe that electronic producers are modern-day composers who can measure themselves with artists from any other century. That’s why we challenged ourselves: what if we bring these modern artists to the center stage of classical high culture?


We visualized a rave in the most prominent high-brow institution of classical art in The Netherlands, the home of Rembrandt and other famous Old Master painters from The Netherlands’ Golden Age: the Rijksmuseum.


In 2016 and 2017 we set up two blockbuster electronic music shows in the museum’s iconic Bicycle Passage. Where bicycles cross during the day, for one evening only this location belonged to a world-renowned artist (2016: Maceo Plex, 2017: Underworld) and thousands of dance fans.


We made sure many more people could experience the concert by setting up a livestream in both years and to further tell the story around the project, we created a documentary with exclusive footage of the 2016 event and interviews with the museum’s curator and Maceo Plex.


Both events found exceptional resonance: in 2016, global media covered the upcoming event, which resulted in a run on the tickets; we received 60,000 registrations for 2,000 available tickets. 500,000 people tuned in to the livestream and the documentary about the event was sold in 70 countries.


The success incited an even bigger buzz in 2017; receiving 100,000 registrations for 2,000 tickets. The livestream was viewed by 2,3 million and the 2017 concert registration was sold in 70 countries, from China to the States.