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Audio Obscura

Event Platform

Bringing underground electronic music to off-limit historic venues

In 2013
we co-founded
Audio Obscura

Audio Obscura is a platform; a movement; a wave; and was born out of love for underground electronic music.

Audio Obscura carefully combines cutting-edge electronic artists around the world with truly unique and culturally rich off-limits venues.

Bridging the gap between the electronic music industry and the wider artistic domain, these events utilise unique and historic venues and juxtapose them with some of the most cutting-edge DJs and producers like Tale of Us, Adriatique, Underworld and Peggy Gou.

raves in amsterdam’s
most unusual spaces

Audio Obscura has hosted parties in venues ranging from Amsterdam’s Central Station and its majestic Concert Hall to the Rijksmuseum over the years, gaining a reputation for pulling off raves in the city’s most unusual spaces.

Always attracting some of the most exciting and popular names in the scene, Audio Obscura has quickly grown to become a major force. It continues its obsession of finding unique venues across the world.