First day of Spring

Blown Away

Crossover Festival

A boundary-breaking melting pot
of music, food & art

In 2012 we launched
Blown Away

Blown Away is a boundary-breaking melting pot of all forms of music, art and food, where analogue meets digital, traditional meets new, and the unpolished meet the established.

The event was co-created with over 250 artists and creatives, working with big name cultural institutions such as Boymans van Beuningen, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and modern dance performance group Conny Jansen Danst as well as upcoming local communities who each hosted one of the 25 boxes in the container boxpark.

breaking new ground with a unique musical crossover

We organised two sold-out festivals with Blown Away in industrial warehouses hidden in the harbor of Rotterdam.

2012: Fenixloodsen (2,500 people)
2013: Onderzeebootloods (5,000 people)

The highlight of the festival was the worldwide premiere of a crossover performance between The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra — with 124 musicians and conducted by the world-famous Yannick Nezet-Sequin — and techno producers Stimming and Secret Cinema, played over a breathtaking 4D sound system.