First day of Spring

Man & machine as one

Music-led commercial featuring a beatboxer and a Mazda collaborating on a new music piece.

Communicate Mazda’s new vision ‘Man & Machine as one’ to a Millennial audience.

A track using sounds from the Mazda MX-5

To connect Mazda and their Millennial target group, we brought two of Millennials’ biggest passions together: music and creative innovation. We engaged the celebrated London beatboxer and producer Beardyman to compose an amazing new music creation – a track using sounds from the Mazda MX-5 itself. Live and in an extraordinary, single take, the beatboxer and car became one, with individual parts of the vehicle building a revolutionary soundscape.


Beardyman; one of the world’s most innovative beatboxers and producers took on the artistic challenge to create an epic track with a car.


Shot simultaneously with 10 cameras we created a video of the process which generated a phenomenon online.


Over 8 mio campaign impressions.

Highest engagement rate ever for Mazda on owned channels.

44% conversion rate for test drives, submitted by Millennials, on Mazda website.