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The Peroni Risotteria

The restaurant that was actually a beer campaign.

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When premium Italian beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro came to us looking to increase awareness, we knew we needed a culturally relevant idea that would break the mold of traditional beer advertising.

Based on the insight that more than 50% of all millennials consider themselves ‘foodies’ we came up with the idea to open The Peroni Risotteria, the world’s first pop-up Risotto restaurant serving a five course Risotto menu.

In close collaboration with the Michelin-starred chefs ‘The Costardi Brothers’ and underground Italo Disco music label Bordello a Parigi we created an immersive music, food and style experience. With one catch: The Peroni Risotteria would open for one night only.

And it certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears. Within a few days, the Peroni Risotteria was featured on all relevant lifestyle and food media titles.

With overwhelming support across social media and thousands of reservations suddenly everyone was talking about a brand that a lot of people never heard of before.

Media coverage (PR): 56 titles resulting in 12M reach
Influencers: 550K
Impressions owned social channels: 1.8M

The Costardi Brothers
Bordello a Parigi
Hangar Amsterdam