First day of Spring

Rave below Rembrandt’s masterpiece

A groundbreaking event in the home of Rembrandt: the Rijksmuseum.

We love cutting edge electronic music. Its pioneering spirit has been in our agency’s genes since its inception.

Our team strongly believes that electronic producers are modern day composers who can measure themselves with artists from any other century. That’s why we challenged ourselves: what if we bring these modern artists to the center stage of classical high culture?

‘A rave below Rembrandt’s masterpiece’.

World renowned artists Maceo Plex (2016) and Underworld (2017) - the heroes of house music culture - exhibited the pinnacle in their art in the same building as the artistic icons of the Dutch Golden Age, The Rijksmuseum.


Maceo Plex and Underworld plus their creative teams to intertwine old and new forms of art.

Rijksmuseum’s conservators and technical team to discover the stories behind the masterpieces (and to make sure they’d survive the beats of their modern-day successors).

KPN and Heineken, partners of the Rijksmuseum.


2 epic music concerts in Rijksmuseum’s Bicycle Passage; livestreamed globally.

Internationally released concert registrations featuring exclusive material.


Global cultural resonance, generating coverage for Rijksmuseum worldwide, putting their museum and art in a new perspective.

80.000 & 100.000 subscriptions for only 2.000 tickets in 2017; average age of 25, from 32 different countries.

Over 2 mio content views in both years.

Concert registrations released in 70 countries.