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This is our house

Music Video

“Chuck Roberts, ‘The Voice of House’, has returned and his message is stronger than ever.”

Celebrating the values of house music culture

Back in 1987 Chuck Roberts expressed the values of equality and tolerance in house music culture with his classic vocal track ‘My House’. A message that is now more relevant than ever — especially for Absolut, a global brand that is driven by equality, inclusivity and freedom of expression and on a mission to remind people of these values in current-day nightlife.

A reinterpretation of chuck's historical lyrics

We created and produced a music video that reinterpreted Chuck’s track and its historical lyrics, built around a team of 17 cutting-edge contemporary nightlife icons who embrace Chuck’s message. The video was distributed online and in arthouse cinemas, sharing a purposeful statement: on the dancefloor, everyone is equal. The project generated an earned reach of over 9 million views (locally) and a direct sales impact (+39%).

creating a global media moment at amsterdam dance event

Chuck Roberts opened Amsterdam Dance Event performing his lyrics, exactly 30 years after the release of the original iconic track, welcoming dance enthusiasts from all over the world to ADE.